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Ride around the Snaefells peninsula

all seasons in one day 12 °C

This Morning When We Woke Up It Was Sunny And We Had To Exit The Tent Early Due To The Heat, Which Made A Welcome Change As The Day Before Had Been Extremely Cold And Windy. In Fact I Swear I Saw Two Sheep That Had Been Blown Over With Their Legs In The Air Unable To Right Themselves!
So First Thing We Checked Out A Construction Of An Old Viking House And Had A Tour By A Guide In Period Costume That Explained Everything. It Was Really Interesting And Informative.
Next We Rode Out Along The 100Km Peninsula. It Was Stunning. Green Grass Then Black Mountains Rising Up Into The Clouds. We Went Through Some Lava Fields, Which Seemed To Stretch On Forever. It Was Named The Beserker Lava Field After A Beserker From Norway Who Smashed A Path Through It In Order To Be Able To Marry The Daughter Of A Local Farmer, Or So The Old Viking Saga Goes.....
We Them Climbed Another Crater, Of Which There Are Many. After That We Descended Into A Cave 35 Meters Deep Created By Lava Flows From The Glacier.
We Spent A Lot Of Time On The Bike, Doing Only Around 250Km On A Mixture Of Dirt And Tar Roads. Feeling Knackered Now And Have Setup Camp On Someones Farm, Plus They Seem To Have Free Wifi, Bonus. They Were Having Some Get Together When We Arrived. Sharing Out Some Wild Icelandic Horses I Think. I Can Hear The Rain Outside, Hope The Weather Is Better Tomorrow. Having A Great Time And The Scenery Is Mental. Iceland Is We'll Worth It. Jennifer Has Been An Awesome Pillion, Never Complaining Or Getting Scared Of The Bumps And Gravel Roads, 12 Degree Inclined Mountain Passes On Gravel And Mud, On The Sides Of Cliffs, Thick Freezing MIst And Wind That Almost Blows Us Off The Bike. I Am Impressed. We'll Done.

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Reykjavík and the Golden Circle

View Motorcycle Adventure to the Arctic circle and beyond on XJR1300's travel map.

Okay, so we're going to try a slightly different blogging method as it's a complete pain in the backside to add pictures to travellers point! I'm going to write a short entry and Greg will add pictures to another site which I'll add at the end.

'What have you been up to?` I hear you ask. Well, I guess the title kind of gives it away...

2 weeks after arriving in Iceland we made it to the most Western European capital, Reykjavik, on the other side of the island. Now I'll be honest with you, it's not what I would call a pretty capital, it doesn't have many nice buildings and lacks the quirkiness the small places have but I can imagine it's impressive if you have just arrived at Reykjavik Airport and haven't seen all the wonderful things we have! We set up camp in the central campsite which is a 2km walk from the centre. As expected, the campsite and the city were much busier with tourists than other places. Reykjavik is known for its spectacular mountain views but even this was underwhelming as it was an overcast day with some showers. We did go to see the odd concrete church which dominates the skyline. It really is a sight, also on the inside thanks to its huge organ. We spent the afternoon browsing around the small centre which is refreshingly free from food and drink chains. We had wanted to visit the Saga museum but as we had left it a bit to late we opted for a volcano documentary as Volcano House instead. Especially for my dad: we had grabbed a gourmet burger at the city's well known Hamborgarafabrikkan which hit the spot well. Later on we feasted on, what some say is, 'the best hotdogs in the world' at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. This may come as a surprise but hotdogs seem to be the Icelandic staple diet! We ended the day with a cup of red wine purchased from the Vinbudin, The state controlled booze shop.

The following day we set off and explored Reykjanes peninsula below the capital before hitting a tour of the famous Golden Circle which consists of a visit to the Thingvellier (viking established parliament setting), the geyser and the Gullfoss waterfall. We camped just meters away from the geyser so had lots of time to enjoy the spectacular sight, which 'errupts' every 5 minutes or so, from different angles. We made sure we didn't only see the golden circle but made sure we enjoyed all of the area so ventured in-land a bit and stopped off at other sites such as mountains and craters.

We spent last night camping at the awesome Seljalandsfoss waterfall, setting up our tent just a few steps away from one off the 'smaller' waterfalls further down. It's had been a wonderfully sunny day and this continued all evening and night (summer solstice). It has been just perfect here but soon we will be heading off to more wonderous sights, and the sun is shining bright again.

Photos can be found here: http://didyourobit.wordpress.com/

Unfortunately the photo uploading hasn't gone to plan as the programmers can't handle uploading from multiple memory cards, grrrrr...

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Photos... hopefully





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And some more




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Lucky with pictures today 21 June 2013

Various waterfalls




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