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To Namur via Fumay, Givet and Dinant

Ride along the Meuse river from France into Belgium

overcast 3 °C

So we set off from our bnb in Girondelle, France at about half nine this morning, it was very misty and cold, around three degrees for most of the morning. The owner kindly let us put the bike in the garage overnight. We chose the back roads and meandered up along the river via some small villages, which would usually have a citadel on top of the ridge and a church or two in the town centre below.
Another town, Givet, with a similar setup...
There were some really old chateau's from the 1600's along the river and even today they look grandiose, they don't build them like that anymore.
Although it has been pretty cold today at least there has been no rain, plus the gizmos on the Guzzi made my hands toasty, heated grips are a godsend :-)
Here is one of the back roads:
Anyways we made it to our destination, Namur, checked into the casino hotel, parked the bike on the pavement outside the main entrance, nice! Too cold to camp, plus it was supposed to be raining...sure we will have enough of that in Iceland. Next we headed up the hill behind the hotel to the citadel. Wow this thing is massive and still impresses today, in fact the entire town is dominated by it and the rivers that run on either side of it.
Difficult to show the scale with photos. Lastly here is the dimly lit passage to our room. We are now enjoying some well earned beers as Belgium make the best. The to try our luck at the casino and failing that we will consume chocolate in large quantities as apparently it is on par with the beers?

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North along the coast

Holland, Germany

all seasons in one day 16 °C



So on Saturday the 25th we headed to Odiliapeel in the south of Holland to surprise the van der Schans family at their get together. We had a great time with plenty of beers, braai and games. Thank you very much. We spent the night in the old nunnery and after a big family breakfast all went our separate ways, with us heading to Legden in Germany...we ended up there because there was a decent hotel nearby, which we ended up getting our room and breakfast free :-) on the way we saw many windmills and a castle.
Next day we headed up to the north coast of Germany next to Holland, we stayed right on the Norddeich, which is literally north dyke. The weather was slightly better now as it had been raining the day before, so we setup tent at around four meters below sea level then headed up to the dyke to check out the North sea...rather muddy and the tide was far out, I have never seen a beach like this...where are the waves? Anyways we had a stroll amongst the sheep and had a beer then went to bed with a randy bull trying to mate with the cows behind us!
Next day we headed off towards Cuxhaven further along the coast next to the river Elbe. The rides had been uneventful as the land is very flat and there are just green fields of livestock, we stuck to the back roads as the weather started clearing up, then just as we got to our destination there was a thick mist on the coast. We setup camp at one of the many campsites and went exploring...another dyke. The was also a fort and a thing called the Kugelbake, which was made of wood about 20 meters high but we could not figure out what is was. Again we strolled the beach and looked out to the small islands not far off, also many ships headed up and down the river. Must take some skill to pilot them as the tides are huge here with a massive difference when the tide is out, you could walk out for a mile or more. The weather took a turn for the worse so we headed to bed after bouncing some nice beers.
More rain the next morning and we packed up in it and set off, north towards Denmark. We got a ferry across the Elbe river. We then drive up towards Romo in Denmark in driving winds and rain. We were wrapped up warm and watertight so it didnt slow us up too much.
Guess we have done just over 2000 km now and the bike has not skipped a beat, although one of the spot lights rattled loose and the tank bank broke, but managed to fix the both with some zip ties.
Will attach a few photos below and let Jennifer fill you in on the next day or two








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About to board the ferry to the land of fire and ice

We have loaded up on supplies for our three days on the ferry. The weather in hirthals is around 20 and sunny, so pretty hot for us in our bike kit. The waters look calm, so hopefully I will not feel too bilious. We met one other biker heading to Iceland at the harbour. Both of us are excited...see you on the other side :-)


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Arrived in Seydisfjordur, Iceland

sunny 18 °C
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Cool finally arrived in Iceland after almost four days aboard the Norrona. We had a good time aboard and saw the shetlands and Faroe islands up close. We arrived at 9 am local time with bright clear skies and hot weather even though there was snow everywhere. The ferry was so close to the side of the fjord you could almost touch it. We disembarked and after a chat with customs were waved through.
We rode for about three minutes to the nearest campsite and setup. No need to rush, we have over three weeks to go around anti clockwise.
We took the Guzzi up out of the fjord and over the mountains to lake Lagarfljot where we got petrol and the headed for the dirt roads on the adjacent fjord. On the way the mountain was covered in thick snow and we turned off onto the route 953 which was gravel track. I don't have much experience riding on gravel and was a bit scary riding 2 up on a 1200cc bike with road biased tyres but after an hour or two got the hang of it and got the back end snaking out on corners! We went through some snow that the road carved through, it must have been around 5 meters high in some places, awesome. After exploring for a few hours we were lambasted and headed for the petrol station an hour and a half away, while dodging wild sheep. We then had a well deserved coffee and sorted some dinner out of a can, which was the cheapest option and still expensive. Too much to tell and we are both so excited to be here and happy that the weather is so good.tomorrow we head to some waterfalls and do some hiking. We need to wait a while for the F roads to the interior to open before we can try the extreme Iceland and try fjording some rivers on the way, can't wait. Here are a small fraction of the photos we took. Got some super cool video from onboard the bike, but too big to upload...




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More photos from the last day...




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